Coco workers union gets unanimous strike votes

May 12, 2011

Coco workers union gets unanimous strike votes Davao City- Workers of the country’s biggest desiccated coconut producers are preparing for a strike to be launched anytime soon as it secured unanimous votes to conduct the strike. Witnessed by representatives from the National Conciliation and Mediation Board NCMB, the Kahugpungan ng mga Trabahante sa Superstar (KTS)-ADLO held a strike balloting last week in front of the company’s plant in Maa, this city, to determine the pulse of its members on whether to pursue the strike or not. None of its members voted against the planned strike. Ireneo Camporidondo one of the council members of KTS-ADLO said, “We all have been waiting for this strike to be pushed through because we believe that only through our collective power, we can show to the management and to the public the validity of our cause. I have been in this company for 11 years and I have witnessed how oppressive this company is. They have been exploiting us with measly wages, yet we are left with no choice but to survive. We want what is due for us, our rights, our welfare.” Camporidondo said.

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