Updates on the MPSI Campaign

Updates on the MPSI Campaign: Carl Olalo has file a complaint with the NLRC. Yesterday, in responding to our press conference, GMA reporter Tek Ocampo said that MPSI and ATU-TUCP denied our claims through a text message. They lied outright when they said there was due process in the suspensions and dismissals. There was no termination notice for Donald Berdera. All three union leaders have not been sanctioned previously but the first offense for a fabricated “serious misconduct” charge was dismissal. Olalo was dismissed allegedly for gathering signatures to initiate the CE process!

“We were dismissed for exercising a legitimate right provided under the law- the right to organize and freedom of expression. MPSI and Sasin did not respect those rights and instead forced us out of the company so that we can stop organizing the workers,” Olalo said.

He added that the inaction of ATU-TUCP on his dismissal and the termination of the Bedreras was just adding insult to injury.

But while Olalo has yet to file a complaint, the Berderas currently has a pending illegal dismissal complaint against the MPSI management before NLRC-Davao.

Stop this blatant attack on the right to organize!
Hold MPSI/Sasin and ATU-TUCP accountable!


Union leader to file complaint vs employer
By Ruji Peter S. Abat



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