Brave Women Leaders of Nagkahiusang Mamumuo sa Nakashin (NAMANA)

Ka Stella Partoza, woman striker and leader of Nagkahiusang Mamumuo sa Nakashin (NAMANA) currently on strike. She is part of Research and Dev’t for NAKASHIN and has worked for the company for 8 years and remains a contractual worker. NAKASHIN exports frozen fruit products for the global market, mainly Japan and Europe. Along with other women workers, spending 1-2 hours inside subzero temperature, having no rest days, working for more than 8 hours without overtime pay including “charity hour”, and the lack of job security, Stella did not accept the dismissal as final and brought her battle to the picketline.


Said Stella,

“Most of the strikers are women. It is not only men who know how to fight, the women more.”

Well said, Ka Stella. A woman’s place is truly in the struggle. Kudos!




Ka Chai Requirme, one of the brave women leaders of Nagkahiusang Mamumuo sa Nakashin (NAMANA), who are currently on strike following mass dismissal of workers in Japanese-owned Nakashin Davao Int’l in Malagamot, Panacan.


“Kadtong nakita namo ang kaisog sa among han-ay ug sa grabe nga suporta gikan sa KMU, nakaingon ko nga naa gyud mi laban. Mudaog gyud ang amoang welga.”

In unity, there is strength!

Bravo Ka Chai and all women workers fighting for our right to regular employment!


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