In a condemnable turn of events, during the finalization of the agreement today and the manner of implementation of the settlement, NAKASHIN and Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte have made a 360 degree turn and have withdrawn their support and approval for the outlined settlement earlier signed with NAMANA.

We condemn the duplicity of VM Duterte and NAKASHIN as well as VM Duterte’s blatant disrespect for the workers particularly labor leader Romualdo “Dodong” Basilio whom he verbally abused during the negotiations. Such conduct is not befitting of a person in government who should be in the service of the citizens. Such conduct also belittles the standing of the workers who are the lifeblood of the Philippine economy.

KMU Southern Mindanao will be issuing a full statement on this. We are calling for a press conference in light of this development.

We thank the overwhelming support and congratulatory comments of everyone. We implore you to help us win this strike by demanding that NAKASHIN and Vice Mayor Duterte hold their end of the bargain and support/sign the formal Memorandum of Agreement to seal the settlement.



Kilusang Mayo Uno – KMU

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