Labor group hits DOLE for being capitalist mouthpiece

27 April 2016

Labor group hits DOLE for being capitalist mouthpiece

DAVAO CITY- Labor group Kilusang Mayo Uno together with sacked workers of a Japanese-owned frozen food exporter Nakashin Davao International picketed the DOLE Regional Office in Dacudao today to protest the agency’s role on the mass dismissals of workers, saying that the DOLE itself recommended to the workers to give up their length of service by signing a waiver, quitclaim, and accept the P1,000.00 settlement from the company’s labor agencies. Nakashin is an exporter of frozen mangoes and pineapple to the European and Japanese market and is based in Malagamot, Davao City. All seventy five (75) workers were barred from company premises on April 9, 2016.

Lester Pillado, president of the Nagkahiusang Mamumuo sa Nakashin (NAMANA) blasted the DOLE, “We complained against Nakashin because it did not comply with labor standards. However, the agency’s judgment call was to tell the workers to just accept what the company and labor agencies had to offer, particularly P1,000.00. That is their settlement for the whole duration of non-payment of SIL for three, four, five, six years of employment? DOLE is a capitalist mouthpiece and we are witness to that.”

Pillado twitted Labor Inspector Julieta Aguilar who was assigned to conduct labor inspection but instead attempted to persuade the workers to just take what the labor agencies contracted by the company DBS and Workstation are willing to give.

“Workers who have worked for three years should receive around five thousand pesos (P5,000.00) payment for SIL. Some of us have worked for six years. We cannot accept a lower amount because there is a labor standard. Of what use is the DOLE at all if it cannot enforce the labor standards, worse, convince workers to accept substandard benefits?” added Pillado.

Labor group Kilusang Mayo Uno – KMU in Southern Mindanao lambasted Nakashin for the illegal dismissals and hit the DOLE for allowing foreign capitalists to hoodwink Filipino workers and even colluding with capitalists to pressure workers into signing waivers and quitclaims, essentially surrendering their chances of achieving regular employment.

The group also hit DOLE for maintaining rabid anti-union and anti-KMU employees such as Cecilia Dayhon who has been reported by workers to be actively and consistently campaigning against affiliating with KMU during the process of union registration.

KMU lauded the protest action of the dismissed Nakashin workers. The group called on fellow workers and unionists to support the struggle of the Nakashin workers and demanded an end to contractualization and passage of the Regular Employment Bill.###

Reference: Reference: Lester Pillado, president, NAMANA, 09053733294
Carlo Olalo, secretary general, KMU Southern Mindanao, 0912 386 1000


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